Short conversations in Korean

My husband Jens wanted me to write some short stories or conversations in Korean which he can relate to such that he can practice his Korean better.

He studies alone with books such as “Korean from Zero” and “The Korean Verbs Guide,” along with a list he made himself using an iPad application. I know what he knows by referring his books and the list, hence, I start to write some short conversations suitable for him at his level. In order for him to utilize these conversations in his real life in Korea when we visit there, they are written based on our experiences. Names of places and titles of movies or so are generally real except people’s names. For the clarification, when there are real names and titles are mentioned, there is no intention of advertisement or criticism.

l thought this could be helpful for those who study Korean. I am not a professional (not even amateur) Korean teacher, so there could be some errors or at least some unclarity in terms of explanations. Just keep that in mind.

I am a well-educated middle class person, who you can rely on. I do not use slangs or swearing words. I write colloquial Korean, but try not to use too colloquial Korean, in order for my husband not to be confused with how to conjugate verbs or not to mix a noun and a grammatical element, e.g. 무엇을 instead of  뭘.

Hope this helps. 😉

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