Starting a 30 day squat challenge

After having a small injury in my right hip joint from extreme stretch, it has been difficult to go for ballet training on a regular basis. What a shame. I took a break for a while due to busy schedules and a trip to Korea, and felt a little hasty to get back to the normal fitness. So, there I made a mistake, stretching too much while not warming up the body enough. Urghhh. I got this pain in my right hip joint and I remember that it takes several months to get back to normal.

Turning out, an essential part of ballet, can be dangerous for hip joints, if practiced wrongly like I did.

I am gaining weights again because of my gaining appetites. I am losing my muscles and definitions in muscles. NO GOOD. Something really has to be done.

30 day squat challenge. It can be hard on the knees, but it can also be prevented. So, today is the first day. 50 squats. After dancing ballet, 50 squats are not difficult any more. However 250 squats could be a real challenge. I would like to see the result at the end this challenge.

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