I hate dating rules.

So this is the second one I moved from the previous unsuccessful blog. 🙂


I always failed in previous relationships. Well, if I succeeded, I might have been married by now, so no doubt that I didn’t succeed in relationships.

I read many articles about dating rules or suggesting some other tips though they insisted that there were no rules.(If they suggested certain tips as if they were applied to many situations, weren’t they implying any rules?)

Rules were not easy to follow for me. Writing text messages, making phone calls and seeing the person. All these things were regulated by the rules! Sometimes I failed though I followed the rules, and sometimes the other way round. I didn’t know what was the problem. So I decided not to follow the rules, anyway it can fail, why bother?

Rules are something I am good at in general, but dating rules? Heck no. I am really bad at that. Because relationship rules are not governed by any authorities, there’s no penalty or fines if one side breaks the rules. Why would anybody follow the rules? And the rules are not engraved on any slate of stone or diamond, and not legislated by any legal entities.

Now I am dating my one month in boyfriend. We didn’t follow any rules. He texted me the next day of our first date and later he said, “The rules said that guys should wait 2-3 days before contacting a girl for the next date otherwise the guy would look too desperate. And I was desperate.” He wasn’t desperate but he wanted to have a second date and just followed his feelings for it. I also didn’t play any games of hard-to-get. I was upfront that I was interested in him.

After this experience(maybe a little bit too early?) it struck me that it’s about people not about the rules.

Every moment is so personal and varies by person to person. Why do we follow any rules instead of building new ones after finding someone who fits us so well?

I am really happy that I have met him and would just stick to what we have and build our own things.

Proudly I state that I HATE DATING RULES!