Typical Danish Luxurious Hipster / 전형적인 덴마크 럭셔리 힙스터


Source: http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/kultur/musik/grafik-er-du-en-typisk-northsider

(한국어 내용은 아래쪽에)

From Danish Radio, the biggest media channel in Denmark, I read an article today. It is about a typical Danish luxury hipster. It was so fun to read because it was so true. So I share the article and the infographic about it.

Luksus hipsteren (The luxury hipster)

Age: 25-34

Graduated – After long period of higher education

Music – One wants to be the one who knows the names of unknown indiebands. In fact, they hate enough to love already known popular bands.

Dark clothes – Woodwood, Ralph Lauren, M.M

Clothes are intentionally worn out. – It must look like unintentionally done.

Rayban’s sunglasses

Full beard

Carries a full wallet – There should be a party, so let there be a party. Doesn’t mind to pay lot of money, since it is a part of showing oneself off.

Expensive luxurious organic beer

Freshly washed clothes – Unlike to go to the Roskilde festival

Being refreshed – Goes home and sleeps in a real bed.

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